Groceries being bought on Credit

Groceries bought on Credit: Is it worth it or will you lose your money’s worth? Groceries being bought on Credit sounds wonderful, especially when cash is in short supply. Grocery stores are having facilities for its shoppers to purchase groceries on Credit with a 55-day interest-free pay-back option.  However, in Doctor Debt’s humble…

Remedies for the Over-Indebted

What remedies are available for the over-indebted? The shame of having too much debt and not coping financially makes many people stick their heads in the sand and hope things will miraculously improve. They won’t! Taking REAL POSITIVE ACTION is crucial to change.  A Debt DIY Project Getting out of debt on…

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Counselling

Debt Consolidation vs Debt Counselling What is the difference between Debt Counselling and Debt Consolidation? We have explained the Pros and Cons for each one, which will make it easier to decide which one is right for you!   Debt Consolidation What is it? Debt Consolidation is taking out ONE…

Spring Cleaning Finances

The first day of the New Year always has an air of excitement about it: A new season with the promise of new beginnings. Traditionally we give our homes an extra vigorous clean but it’s also a great opportunity to do exactly that with our finances. Here are 5 simple steps you…

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