Why you Should Consider Debt Review

Consider Debt Counselling to Defeat Debt

Mention “Debt Review” to your friends and they immediately shout “NO!”  There are numerous horror stories and nearly every person you speak to “knows someone” who has done this and regretted their decision.

This is not true of all Debt Review companies.  There are more good Debt Counsellors out there, probably more than bad ones.  Like you know, the good stories are not as interesting and are not repeated as much as the bad ones, and as they are told there are bits added on to make it more horrifying.  Please understand that I’m not saying that the person who has had a bad experience is mistaken, but it is not what everyone experiences, and I feel very sad for that person.

Think about this, if debt review was as terrible, why would the NCR encourage consumers to discuss their financial problems with registered Debt Counsellors.  However, always check on their website, www.ncr.org.za if the people you are talking to are registered, do your homework!

Consumers who take the debt review route have access to affordable legal protection from credit providers. The process allows them to legally reduce their monthly debt repayments by extending terms and negotiating with creditors on their behalf.

This has been a very successful solution for thousands of consumers who are plagued by over-indebtedness. The process makes provision that all living expenses are covered and that the consumer can live without taking on any more debt.

During such uncertain times, consumers need to act wisely. This is not the time to be taking on new debt. Those who feel that they are in over their heads should consider all their options, including consulting with a registered debt reviewer who can help.

Contact us today for a FREE assessment and let Doctor Debt help you start off 2022 with peace of mind.

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