Debt Review

Debt Review
Debt Review

What is Debt Review?

Debt Review is a debt solution targeted at South African consumers who are over-indebted and struggling to manage their finances.

A Debt Counsellor will negotiate with your credit providers to accept lower payments over a longer period, and at a lower interest rate. Your payments towards your credit providers will be restructured, and you will be protected from your credit providers taking legal action against you. Doctor Debt will set up a new finely tuned budget for you and will lead you through it step by step.

Because 8 of 10 South Africans experience stressful financial debt, there is nothing shameful about being in debt – it’s a part of life. Doctor Debt can show you a new way to live, a way to make your life manageable again. Learn what you can afford and live a life worth living.

Say goodbye to those feelings of dread at the end of the month. Don’t let poor finances own your life – you have the power to stop it right now!

How Debt Review Works?

Your consultant will help you complete these steps one by one and in greater detail.

These are the steps and timescales of an average debt review:

Your application can be done from the comfort of your own home

Make your monthly payments, stick to your budget and be a part of the process – healthier finances and freedom from stress will follow

Debt Review Timeline

What Does Debt Review Cost?

The only cost to start the process is a once-off R50 application fee which is included in your first payment – all other costs are built into your debt review

We pride ourselves on transparency. You know exactly what costs to expect throughout

Costs are calculated as per the guidelines set by the National Credit Regulator

Please navigate the sections to learn more about the costs.

Debt Review


Doctor Debt’s fee for assessing your application, preparing your customized debt relief payment plan, and providing support to you throughout the process. This once-off cost is tailored to what you can afford and can never exceed R8000 (excluding VAT) for a Single Application and R9000 (excluding VAT) for a Joint Application. Remember this cost will be included in your debt review plan and is usually collected on the first payday following your entering debt review.


The Legal part of your debt review requires that your case is set before a Court with jurisdiction for a consent order or court order. The Section 87 fee is capped at a maximum of R7050 (excluding VAT) and covers your lawyer, disbursements, drafting costs, set down costs, costs of service, and all the other processes associated with an application to court for the Debt Review Court Order. This cost is included in your debt review plan and is usually collected on the second pay day after you enter debt review and any shortfall is included in your debt review at 0% interest.


To maintain your debt review, there is a charge equal to 5% of your distribution for the first 24 months and then 3% per month thereafter. Depending on your specific case this costs a minimum of R50pm to a maximum of R400pm (excluding VAT). This cost is included in your debt review plan.


By law funds for debt review must be distributed by an NCR registered Payment Distribution Agent. We use NPDA and HYPHEN. PDA fees account for a minimum of R50 to a maximum of R400pm. The PDA fee is included in your debt review plan and excludes VAT

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