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With Doctor Debt you will be in safe hands and valued as a client right from the very moment you ask for help, our advice is always free.  Doctor Debt has a solution best suited to every person’s individual situation. Debt Restructuring is our primary offering, however, it does not suit everyone. Therefore in response to the wide variety of situations we face daily, we have created a large spectrum of solutions.

Our services include:

  • FREE Debt Assessment and advice
  • Debt Restructuring
  • Credit Reports
  • Budget Assistance
  • Insurance Reviews
  • Investigate Garnishee Orders
  • Investigate Reckless Credit
  • Assist with Voluntary Sequestration

Doctor Debt is a highly reputable Debt Counselling company established in 2009.

We are proud to have won ‘The Best Medium-Sized Debt Counsellor Award’ in 2014 and have since been ranked as one of the top 5 Large Debt Counsellors in South Africa. Doctor Debt strives to give the best customer service possible, and we are big enough to cope but small enough to care.

Our highly trained team competently deal with clients either face-to-face at one of our branches, visit you at your work or private premises if you are in our area, and assist via email, phone or fax.

The company is growing daily with satisfied clients. All cases are handled in accordance with the National Credit Regulator’s regulations and are closely monitored for the client’s best interest. We offer exceptional client support and aftercare service with regular review processes.

Doctor Debt’s PRIMARY PURPOSE IS TO HELP PEOPLE.  Our objective is for your life to become what you deserve Stress and Debt Free!

If you need FREE advice, either give us a call on 039 904 0840 or send an SMS “DD help” to 30772 (free SMS)


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Groceries being bought on Credit

Groceries bought on Credit: Is it worth it or will you lose your money’s worth?

Groceries being bought on Credit sounds wonderful, especially when cash is in short supply.

Grocery stores are having facilities for its shoppers to purchase groceries on Credit with a 55-day interest-free pay-back option.  However, in Doctor Debt’s humble opinion, it is ill-advised to buy food on credit. Read more


Spring Cleaning Finances

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The first day of the New Year always has an air of excitement about it: A new season with the promise of new beginnings. Traditionally we give our homes an extra vigorous clean but it’s also a great opportunity to do exactly that with our finances. Here are 5 simple steps you can take to give your finances a fresh new start:

1. Compare your actual spending to your budget

Read more